Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Where are you located?

Melissa Rosdahl is located in Denmark, we have a local shop in Middelfart. Also we often make pop-ups in Kolding.

Are the big earrings heavy?

Absolutely not! All of our earrings are handmade with lightweight materials. You can wear them under a headset, sleep with them or even bring them ti the beach

Where to you ship to?

We hip worldwide. We are located in Denmark, but we ship to every country with postage. If you experience an issue please feel free to contact us.

What does hypoallergenic mean?

All of our earrings are hypoallergenic, which means you will not experience any allergenic reactions, like the metal turning green, your ears being irritating or  any other issue. We make the earrings with stainless steel backing.

Is your brand sustainable?

Our brand mostly uses recycled materials and everything is made by hand. We produce our products localy, and make them ever lasting. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.

How long is shipping time?

The shipping is usually less than 1 week in Denmark and can depend on where you are internationally. If you experience any issues, feel free to contact us.